Miracle Mix Berries RM70

Miracle Mixberries Essence 美白丰胸产品

Miracle Mixberries Essence uses USDA ORGANIC and the top ten SUPER FRUIT berries recipe, an up to 1:20 of extract concentration and the combination of nano-technology can effectively help in conditioning repair damaged cells, tissue regeneration, restoring skin elasticity and regulate female hormones. With this formula, you can stay i...n the passage of time, restore energy, shows the perfect side of woman.

Mixberries Essence 采用拥有USDA ORGANIC 和十大 SUPER FRUIT 的莓果配方.高达1:20浓度的取精华并结合纳米技术将有效的修复和调理损坏的细胞,再生细胞组织,恢复皮肤弹性和调节女性荷尔蒙.通过此配方,您能留驻岁月的流逝,恢复精力,展现女人最完美的一面.

拥有:KKM,Halal,GMP,Vegetarian,Organic 等证书!价钱合理,而且美味可口~服用,携带,都非常方便...


Mix Berry Essence技术所提炼出来的梅果精髓,有效的修复体内细胞和提供由内到外的保养,因此,您将体验时光倒流和逆转岁月的神奇力量哦~~

。。。简单一句:想变美,变大,不要只是心动,得赶快行动~拿起手机,直接 call 016-2023008我会尽快回复您们,谢谢~~


Selling Price/售价价钱
1 box : RM 70
2 box : RM 140
3 box : RM 200 (1 month treatment)

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joanne said...

hi ^^
are you still wanna mora stock ??
i can sell to u at the lower price...
1 for RM40...

andy said...

still available??

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